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Other “Scandal” cast members also were there, including Scott Foley and the actor who plays the fictional president, Tony Goldwyn. In his remarks, Obama said that the reason that D.C. wasn’t working was in part because “the Republican Party has been taken over by people who just don’t believe in government.” “And so they obstruct, and they obfuscate, and they bamboozle, and sometimes don’t tell exactly what’s true…. That was a euphemism.” The crowd laughed. Per a pool report, he also lamented the tendency for Democrats not to turn out during midterm elections, leaving people “surprised when John Boehner is “Speaker of the House.” “‘Say, well, how did that happen?'” he said to laughter. “‘What happened to Nancy Pelosi?’ What happened is y’all didn’t work. That’s what happened. And then all kinds of stuff happened. That’s what it was. Stuff. So we’ve got to step it up in the midterms.” Obama later appeared at a smaller gathering at Rhimes’s home for about 60 people, and he had a Q&A in which he answered questions on topics ranging from immigration to gridlock in Congress, according to one attendee. The attendee said that Obama was “the most relaxed I’ve seen him,” even while he spoke “passionately” in rallying the crowd. San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim, who attended, said that one message that resonated was pay equity and raising the minimum wage, as well as “making sure people are engaged every year and not just in a presidential election cycle.” Held at her Italianate Mediterranean estate, the Rhimes event was the highest profile of all of Obama’s fundraisers during this three-day trip out west, due to the popularity and visibility of “Scandal” even among serious policy types. Rhimes introduced Obama, saying, “He’s been doing his job like a boss.” Obama thanks Rhimes for her “incredible kindness to me and my family. He said that there were “few people who worked harder” on his campaign than Washington, a longtime campaign supporter. He also joked about Monae’s many appearances at the White House, often to perform. He noted that she has a video of him trying to keep up with her and Usher on the dance floor at a late-night after party at the White House following the inauguration in 2013. “Now this is top secret,” Obama said.
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Obama to Hollywood: ‘Scandal’ is sot ‘something we want to be living out’ | Boston Herald

Operating revenue Overall cable revenue this quarter and year to date was consistent to the same periods last year, the net result of: continued growth in subscribers to our Internet and phone products combined with the impact of pricing changes the May 2013 acquisition of Mountain Cable offset by television subscriber losses and retention-related discounting. Lower television revenue Revenue from television was down this quarter and year to date as a result of: the year-over-year decline in television subscribers the impact of promotional and retention pricing activity associated with heightened pay TV competition partially offset by the acquisition of Mountain Cable and the impact of pricing changes implemented over the past year. The digital cable subscriber base represented 86% of our total television subscriber base at the end of the quarter, compared to 82% at June 30, 2013 . The larger selection of digital content, video on-demand, HDTV and PVR equipment, combined with the ongoing analog to digital conversion initiative, continues to contribute to the increasing penetration of the digital subscriber base as a percentage of our total television subscriber base. Higher Internet revenue Internet revenue was 9% higher this quarter and year to date compared to the same periods last year as a net result of a larger Internet subscriber base, general movement to higher end speed and usage tiers, and changes in Internet service pricing. Our Internet customer base is approximately 2.0 million subscribers, and Internet penetration represents: 96% of our television subscribers, compared to 88% at June 30, 2013 50% of the homes passed by our cable network, compared to 49% at June 30, 2013 . Lower cable telephony revenue Phone revenue was 3% lower this quarter and 2% lower year to date compared to the same periods last year. This was the net result of: higher promotional pricing activity for new subscribers on multi-product bundles partially offset by a higher phone subscriber base and the impact of pricing changes. There were 2% more phone subscribers this quarter compared to last year, the penetration of which now represents: 56% of our television subscribers, compared to 52% last year 29% of the homes passed by our cable network, compared to 29% last year. Higher operating expenses Operating expenses were 2% higher this quarter and 3% higher year to date compared to the same periods last year mainly due to: higher investments in customer care and network incremental costs associated with Mountain Cable which was acquired in May 2013 partially offset by various cost efficiency and productivity initiatives. Additionally, year to date Cable results in 2013 benefitted from a one-time $8 million positive adjustment to licence fees payable to match the CRTC’s billing period. Adjusted operating profit Adjusted operating profit was 2% lower this quarter and 3% lower year to date compared to the same periods last year, mainly the net result of the service revenue levels which were consistent and the higher operating expenses as discussed above. BUSINESS SOLUTIONS 41 1 The operating results of Blackiron are included in the Business Solutions results of operations from the date of acquisitions on April 17, 2013. Pivot Data Centres’ results are excluded from Business Solutions’ 2013 comparative results of operations as it was acquired on October 1, 2013. Business Solutions continues to focus mainly on next generation IP-based services, and on leveraging higher margin on-net and near-net service revenue opportunities, using existing network facilities to expand offerings to the medium and large sized enterprise, public sector and carrier wholesale markets. Business Solutions is also focused on data centre colocation, hosting, cloud and disaster recovery services. Next generation services in the second quarter represented 71% of total service revenue. Revenue from the lower margin off-net legacy business generally includes local and long-distance voice services and legacy data services which often use facilities that are leased from other carriers rather than owned. Higher operating revenue Service revenue was 6% higher this quarter and 8% higher year to date compared to the same periods last year, the net result of: growth from the acquisitions of Blackiron and Pivot Data Centres in 2013 continuing execution of our plan to grow higher margin on-net and next generation IP-based services revenue partially offset by the continuing decline in the legacy off-net voice and data business, a trend we expect to continue as we focus the business on on-net opportunities and customers move to more advanced and cost effective IP services. Excluding data centre acquisitions, service revenue this quarter would have been 8% lower, and next generation services revenue this quarter would have been 8% higher, compared to same period last year. Equipment sales were unchanged this quarter compared to the second quarter of 2013 and were lower year to date as the first quarter of 2013 included a non-recurring equipment sale. Higher operating expenses this quarter Operating expenses were 3% higher this quarter compared to the same period last year, the net result of: higher on-net and next generation service costs associated with higher volumes incremental expenses related to our data centre acquisitions partially offset by lower legacy service costs related to the planned lower volumes and customer levels, and ongoing initiatives to improve costs and productivity.
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