Apple App Store prices are rising

APPLE USERS have less than 72 hours to grab a bargain in the App Store before price rises come into effect in certain territories.

Prices in Canada, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico and Israel are set to go up to offset the rate of inflation against the US dollar. Apple has already nudged prices in Australia, Sweden and Indonesia.

Canada and New Zealand will get a new 99c price point, mostly for in-app purchases, while subscribers will get notice before they next renew their subscription. Russian and South African subscribers will need to manually reactivate their subscriptions which will be cancelled automatically in accordance with local laws.

It’s a good job too because the price rises are quite steep. Take Canada, where the Tier 1 price will go up 20c to 1.39.

It’s a far cry from Steve Jobs’ day when he told people that he cared about the price, rather than the currency in front of it. At the time the dollar exchange rate with sterling was two to one, so iPods, for example, were significantly more expensive.

It is good news for developers, however, who will start to see a more consistent rate of return from their apps in these countries with a weak exchange rate.

It’s a particularly good time to promote your app in Romania because the government has just reduced the VAT rate from 24 percent to 20 percent, so you’ll start to get more of the money. App prices in Romania will remain as current.

There’s nothing to suggest, at least for the moment, that we’re going to see similar rises in the UK as we got stung this time last year and, of course, there’s no sign of any change in the US. It’s unlikely that Apple will change its overall price structure until the inflation issue is stabilised because it would end up at square one in certain territories.

There’s no exact time for the price changes but it will be before the weekend, so get spending if you’re in one of the affected regions.

The recent festive season was a bumper one for Apple. The firm reported that $144m was spent in the App Store on new year’s day alone.